About Male Feet Men

Mike Reynolds and partner Ricky

Greetings Feet & Tickle Friends,

My name is Mike Reynolds. Many of you know me and my partner Ricky from Laughing Asians tickle fetish site.

I launched Planet Tickle in July of 2012. At that time it started as a community specifically for the under-served male tickling fetish community. But since the demise of Footguys.net, I decided to open Planet Tickle to all aspects of male to male feet fetish, be it foot worship, footwear, tickling, etc. Essentially, anything foot fetish related.

Planet Tickle rapidly became the community of choice for those of us who wanted a permanent home to indulge and enjoy our foot fetish desires, fantasies, and social activities.

Then in August 2016, after 4 years of dealing with site issues from the software updates, I decided it was time to take our community to a whole new level. And in doing so, change the name to be all-inclusive of the multi-faceted male feet fetish niches.

MaleFeetMen.com was born. I purchased a much better, professional software to power our new home. And so far it's proving to be a whole lot better.

We are a male to male feet community for those men who's interests include all aspects of male feet fetish such as, tickling, footwear, trampling, and all other related fetishes.


This is not exclusively a gay oriented site.

We understand straight guys can have a fetish for other guy's feet and tickling. Gay, straight, or bisexual, you are completely welcomed and included here at Male Feet Men!

I have made a promise that MaleFeetMen.com will never become a paysite. And I intend to keep that promise.

I know the frustration of establishing a profile, a friends list, photos, and familiarity with a site, then having it disappear. I was a member of Feet.TV and then Footguys.net also. So that's why I created this site, and decided to open it to all m4m feet related fetishes after Footguys.net went down. I guess I felt it was a calling.

I am not looking to profit from MaleFeetMen.com.
And that is the big difference between MaleFeetMen.com and the previous two male foot fetish communities. I certainly do not begrudge anyone trying to make a buck. But I think after observing the previous two failed attempts to profit from this community, it is safe to say that such a community NEEDS to be free, and remain free forever. And that's the platform for Planet Tickle.

But this site, just like any other site on the net, costs money every month to stay online, not to mention extra cost for improvements, technological updates, and further development. As long as I can afford to "foot" the bill, I will.

Having said that, I ask for a little support from members who are willing and able to play a larger part in keeping MaleFeetMen.com online by financially supporting this community effort. Every support dollar helps to offset my cost of hosting and developing this site.

So if you would like to be an integral part of MaleFeetMen.com's longevity and development, please become a supporting member.

I'm not backed by any corporation or company. It's just me, a guy just like you, who has a little bit of know-how and the web facilities to make the community site we all wanted - FRIENDLY, FUN, USEFUL, FUNCTIONAL, AND ALWAYS FREE.

Bottom line is, I'm glad you're here! I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope that stay is a long one!


Mike Reynolds (TickleDad)
Male Feet Men Webmaster