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The "Facebook" of male feet and tickling

Styled like Facebook, Male Feet Men is owned, operated, and supported by members of the male feet and tickling fetish community.

It will ALWAYS be free to join.

This is not exclusively a gay oriented site.
We understand straight guys can have a fetish for other guy's feet and tickling. Gay, straight, or bisexual, you are completely welcomed and included here at Male Feet Men!

What are members saying about Male Feet Men?

We are over 3,500 members strong, and growing by about 20 members each week!

Great Job!

By Logan sx

"I wanted to say that you all have done a phenomenal job with the website. It makes me so happy that other guys who share my kink are so proactive, as to make something like this that brings us all together."

Thank you!

By TickleBear

"Hi, I want to say thank you for being such a great force in the foot and tickle fetish community. This new site is WAY better than the old planet tickle."

The Facebook for Feet!

By AFaceForFeet

"Thank you so much for creating this new site! I never really jumped in to Planet Tickle that much, but I got your email about it closing down and this new site taking over. And might I just say, I LOVE the look of MaleFeetMen! It's like "Facebook for feet"! lol :-) And it's so nice to have a place where it's a haven for just the world of MALE FEET. I look forward to really exploring this new site and hoping it's a rousing success---so far it reminds of the old FeetTV I used to love, but even better!"

Male Feet Men is sponsored in part by:

Twinky Feet
My Friends Feet

Meet The Admin Team

Our friendly, approachable team of administrators have been professionally involved in the male feet and tickling online community for decades.
We work to continuously improve the website, moderate, and ensure the best possible user experience.

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